Surf & Sail Menorca



Do you know that in 1993 Menorca was declared reserve of the Biosphere? Since then many ways of discovering the island and its lovely sights have been offered.

Kayac is one way of doing it and that is why we would like to offer you this activity. Try and enjoy it. You can rent them or come for an excursion with us. Discover Menorca´s South coast, its little secrets, its wonderful beaches and clear water.

Our kayacs are suitable for all ages. They are quiet wide and stable. No experience is required.
If you wish you can rent one and enjoy a trip by yourself or with a group of friends, for 1hr or more.

For those who prefer to go on an excursion, join us on the following:

Morning trip: ideal for the youngest of the family. Lets enjoy the ride and have a nice breakfeast in the middle of the sea.

Sunset Excursion: ideal for couples or a group of friends. Enjoy a beautiful ride along the coast and the sunset coming down over Cap d´Artrutx light house.

 1 hour (Single Kayak) 10 € 
 1 hour (Double Kayak) 15 € 
 2 hours (Single Kayak) 17 € 
 2 hours (Double Kayak) 25 € 
 3 hours (Single Kayak) 22 € 
 3 hours (Double Kayak) 35 € 

Kayak excursion
 Morning trip from 10hrs to 12hrs 30 € adult / 15 € (under 7 years old) 
 Sunset trip from 18hrs to 20hrs 40 € per person