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SUP Pilates


Pilates is a physical and mental conditioning method created at the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Hubertus Pilates (Germany, 1880 – New York 1967). This bodymind discipline encompasses the characteristics of Est and West, thus creating an ideal method to successfully overcome the challenges posed by the rhythm of our current lives. It’s based on the principles of concentration, breathing, center, fluidity and control of movement. All the exercises start from the body’s core, activating the deep muscles of the torso with the objective to stabilize and allow the flow of energy toward the limbs, thus obtaining a strong, stable and uniformly balanced body. In each exercise, breathing and movement coordinate to free the muscle tension and to optimize the results of the exercises, providing clarity to the mind and elegance to the body.

Private or group classes are based on the original principles of the method, and characterized by its choreographic, fun and challenging style, utilizing a SUP table. Equilibrium, toning-up and overcoming challenges preside in this new discipline. The sun and the benefits of sea water attract all facets of people, from families to athletes and professionals of Pilates. It’s a direct source of health and contact with nature. Self-confidence, energy and vigor are the result of its practice.

SUP Pilates
price per person in a group
1 hour 30 €
5 hours 135 €
10 hours 250 €